Overdyed Turkish Patchwork Rugs

Wild Shaman Overdyed Vintage Turkish Rug, pool table - Custom rugs

Wild Shaman now makes custom-sized overdyed rugs and overdyed patchwork rugs in any size, color and shape – the perfect complement to our popular custom pillow covers.

What is an overdyed patchwork rug?

We use Turkish hand-knotted vintage rugs to create our collection of vibrantly colored patchwork carpets.

Rugs are first shaved to even out the thick pile, washed to neutralize colors, and then overdyed with a new color of choice. We then cut the prepared rugs into pieces and hand sew the fragments together with a sturdy yarn. The backside of each patchwork rug is reinforced with a sturdy fabric to protect the stitching and help the carpet lie flat.

Overdyed rugs are a sustainable way to bring new life to worn or faded vintage Turkish rugs. Our unique patchwork rugs fit into both contemporary and traditional interior designs. Add a rich splash of color to your space!

Interested in a one-of-a-kind custom order overdyed patchwork rug? Contact us. Most Wild Shaman rug orders can be on your doorstep within three weeks.