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Vintage Kayseri Bunyan Carpet 6.7x9.9ft

1970s Kayseri Bunyan Carpet from central Anatolia Turkey. A mixture of artificial and natural dyes were used on this one. 

Our products are hand woven %100 Wool on Wool or Wool on Cotton unless otherwise specified (hemp goat hair camel hair)

All naturally dyed with roots and other plants.

Dimensions: 6.7ft x 9.9ft

Origin: Kayseri Turkey

All our products are cleaned and repaired by professionals.

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*Info about Bunyan Carpets*

Carpet making has a rich history in many regions of Turkey though none is so esteemed as the Bunyan region. Through the skillful crafting of elegant designs high-quality yarns and delicate patterns that feature stunning symmetrical motifs Bunyan carpets are easily the more prominent representatives of all Turkish carpets. This fascinating region boasts a dedication to carpet making that is unmatched. Nearly every household has its own loom and many families make a living from carpets.

Bunyan women are purported to be able to create a carpet of about six square meters containing an average of 25 knots per square centimeter over a 30 day period. Practicing on looms begins at a very young age in Bunyan. Children learn to construct about ten thousand knots per day so that they will be able to one day contribute financially to their households.

The key characteristics of Bunyan carpets are their delicate color schemes and uniquely harmonious patterns. Traditional motifs such as wheat stalks dainty flowers and grapes are commonly used. The warp utilizes cotton yarn and the notoriously hardy Gordian knot which was historically so difficult to unravel that Alexander the Great had cut one with a sword to prove he was worthy to pass into territory ruled by the ancient Turks.


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