Wild Shaman

Old Bergama Kozak Rug 4ftx5.6ft

1950's Bergama Kozak Turkish Rug.

100% Kirman(hand spun)wool dyed with vegetable root dyes. Many rugs with this design are known some of them of considerable age and from regions which have not yet been fully determined. Nor has a satisfactory explanation for the design itself yet been advanced. This is a modernish rug with elements of its design drawn from different areas of the Anatolian weaving tradition. 

 Our products are hand woven %100 Wool on Wool or Wool on Cotton unless otherwise specified (hemp goat hair camel hair)

All naturally dyed with roots and other plants unless otherwise specified(artificial dyes).

Dimensions: 4ft x 5.6ft

Origin: Bergama Turkey

All our products are cleaned and repaired by professionals.

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*Info about Bergama Kozak Rugs*

Carpets made in the village of Kozak north of Bergama belong to the Bergama group according to structure and colours. Mostly small format pieces they show clear Caucasian traits and settle therefore the question of the origin of the village inhabitants and their name. Medallions with polygons are used predominantly as central motifs of the field; prayer patterns rarely appear.

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