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Old Oushak Rug 6.10ftx10ft

1950's Anatolian Ushak style Carpet from Maras Mediterranean region Turkey.

This unique carpet contains the Ottoman Turkic style at the highest level of quality. Made out of 100% Kirman(hand spun)wool and cotton. Dyed with vegetable root dyes. 

Our products are hand woven %100 Wool on Wool or Wool on Cotton unless otherwise specified (hemp goat hair camel hair)

All naturally dyed with roots and other plants.

Dimensions: 6.10ft x 10ft

Origin: Maras Turkey

All our products are cleaned and repaired by professionals.

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*Info about Anatolian Ushak Rugs

Historically Ushaks were classified as ‘Anatolian Rugs ’ Anatolian literally translating to ‘land of the rising sun.’ Today scholars know much more about Ushaks and are able to classify them as such. ‘Anatolian’ is used as a last resource when a more specific identification cannot be found; at which point ‘Anatolian’ refers to a carpet made in Turkey.

The level of international popularity attained by Uşak's carpets became such that the word "Ushak" is considered an English word of Turkic origin 

Ushak (Oushak) rugs are some of the finest Oriental Turkish Rugs so much so that many of the masterpieces of the 15th and 16th centuries have been attributed to Oushak. The popular star and medallion carpets originated in Ushak.

Ushak rugs are known for the silky luminous wool they work with. The dyes tend towards: cinnamons terracotta tints gold blues greens ivory saffron and grays.

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