Wild Shaman

Vintage Isparta Rug 7.3ftx9.8ft

1970s Isparta rug from the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Our products are hand woven %100 Wool on Wool or Wool on Cotton unless otherwise specified (hemp goat hair camel hair)

All naturally dyed with roots and other plants.

Dimensions: 7.3ft x 9.8ft

Origin: Isparta Turkey

All our products are cleaned and repaired by professionals.

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*Info about Anatolian Turkish Rugs from Isparta town*


The city of Isparta is located in southwest Turkey in an area also called as the "Region of Lakes". Today Isparta is considered one of the major rug producing centers of the country. Threads used for weft and warp are also manufactured in this city. The warp and weft on Isparta rugs are made of cotton knots are wool and both Gördes and Shena knots are used. Apart from general Turkish designs floral designs are also used in Isparta carpets. Their high pile and sturdy weaving makes these rugs useful for household consumption and they are rarely exported.

Because Turkish carpets were highly esteemed possession of a Turkish carpet was regarded as a status symbol. Hans Holbein Lorenzo Lotto Carlo Crivelli Hans Memling and Gentile Bellini are some of painters who used Turkish carpets in their paintings.

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